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How To Add FREE SSL Certificate To Your WordPress Website

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) serves as the standard for encrypted communication between web browsers and web servers. With SSL, one can rest assured that the communication between browser and server is 100% encrypted and private. SSL certified sites are preferred by Google for compiling SERP. A padlock icon can be seen in the address bar once you secure a website with SSL. Also the prefix of URL changes to https://

​Unconversant The Top Keyword Research Tools Which Are For “Free”

High quality content is the king; true. But it is less powerful without a right keyword. You have done everything needed to be on the top; you have come a long way; still, there is something which is taking a toll over your tasks and talent, preventing your niche from achieving massive success. The answer is the time spent on keyword research and the right set of tools for it.

7 Actions to be taken for Blogs SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Get Found

A Blogs SEO should be taken care from initially stage of blogging to avoid the rework. SEO, a three letter word is a big term to understand and achieve the mark which you are looking for. Though I would like to mention, it’s not a rocket science at all, if efforts are on the right place. Getting confused, initially is quite common. What to do and what not to. Let’s

15 Search Operators Which Can Help You Get More Precise Results on Google

SEO takes a time to show the results. In order to get the fast result, you need to do work faster and save as much as time is possible. Wouldn’t it be great if you know some cool ‘hacks’ that cut down the time you spend doing time taking SEO processes? Hacks such as advanced search operators. Why advanced search operators? Because of Google – every SEO should know how

Why We Love Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (And You Should, Too!)

According to Google, there are billions of searches made for respective keywords, the result which appears for the respective keywords is the work of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the most powerful tool available on the internet if done in a right way and it can take you places but if handled lightly it will take no time to dump you down. Each day, thousands of pages/content are