Most Relevant Widgets You must have on Your WordPress Sidebar

Introduction Widgets have become part of our sites/blogs design. They complement the content we offer in our blog. Beginners tend to take this for granted and carelessly just add any widget to fill the space. In this article I will explain widgets that are best to use and most importantly how to arrange them. First thing first, there are a few pointers about the widgets arrangement that we must consider

Best Android phones under 6000

How crazy these days the smartphones are going. well literally am saying that a smartphone a can complete all your tasks like a laptop does, in fact, you cannot hold your Lappy on a single hand where as the smartphone can be easily crafted with on hand.  After the announcement of free Jio 4g network, 57% of extra phones are sold in India compare to the last year sales. The ongoing trend in


If you want WordPress to do everything you desire, then you should opt for plugins. These are nothing but add-ons that actually makes it easier to perform tasks from the admin panel. So, here’s a list 10 must-have free plugins that serve different purposes. All of them are reliable and capable of taking the site to the next level. Antispam Bee Anitspam Bee is a plugin that blocks spam comments

Top 5 WordPress News Magazine Themes 2017

Today we are going to share you a collection of Top 5 WordPress News Magazine Theme for 2017. Most of the people asking a question about best WordPress news themes on the Facebook group, Quora, and all these platforms. So today give you best collection on this post. Before that, we find the answer to simple question ‘how to choose the best theme for a blog. So here we make

Xbox 2 release date

The year of the super-consoles is finally here. With Project Scorpio, a la the Xbox 2, being touted to release at this year’s E3, in what many reports state will be a June 11 release, the game has just begun. Sony, too, is out with the new PlayStation 5 later this year as well. Add the Nintendo Wii to the list and the customer is spoilt for choice. The new

6 Tips to Help You Avoid Nightmare Clients

Nightmare clients can keep you awake at night. Sweat drips down your brow. Your agitated mind plays a series of horrific scenarios involving rewrites, refunds and endless complaining about the quality of work. I’ve been blessed to live in Southeast Asia for most of the past 6 years of my world travels. In these parts the customer is not always right. The customer may be even be…..gasp….wrong ! In face-saving

How to Choosing Blogging Topics

The main reason why many blogs fail is because bloggers choose the wrong topic to blog about. Selection of a topic can be one of the hardest thing to do for any successful blog. How do you avoid choosing the wrong topic? Well, that’s what am going to discuss. For some time now people have been asking me on which topic they should blog about, an honest answer is I