How to Make Money blogging?

There was a time when people were thinking that blogging is just a hobby and there was no actual way to turn this hobby into profession. But with the time blogging has grown a lot. Now every professional internet marketer and even every professional website has its own blog. Do you know why every professional website must have a blog? Because, they know that blog is not just the way

8 Essential Tips to Protect Your WordPress Admin Area

Have you been observing many attacks on your WordPress admin region? Don’t worry. The best way to block many of the common security hazards is to prevent the admin area from unauthorized access. Here, you will learn about 8 essential tips to protect your WordPress admin area: Essential Tips to Protect Your WordPress 1. Password Protect your WordPress Admin Directory WordPress admin area has been given ample protection by WordPress

Top 10 Tools to Organize Your Ideas for Your Blog

Anyone can be a writer. And at the rate that information on the internet gets published right now, even a child can create a blog. Unfortunately, that also means that there are a lot of competition that you need to get ahead of if you want to be successful in the blogging world. Which means you’ll have to get your goals and priorities in the right place before you get

5 Indispensable Tools for Efficiently Managing a Freelance Design Business

Are you new to freelance design business? Do you own a freelance design agency? It is definitely not easy to run a freelance business. The process demands a good amount of time, energy, dedication and resources. Luckily, there are a few tactics you can adopt to simplify and streamline your work. The best part is that these things can be done without breaking your bank! Here are 5 amazing tools

How To Add FREE SSL Certificate To Your WordPress Website

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) serves as the standard for encrypted communication between web browsers and web servers. With SSL, one can rest assured that the communication between browser and server is 100% encrypted and private. SSL certified sites are preferred by Google for compiling SERP. A padlock icon can be seen in the address bar once you secure a website with SSL. Also the prefix of URL changes to https://

Most Relevant Widgets You must have on Your WordPress Sidebar

Introduction Widgets have become part of our sites/blogs design. They complement the content we offer in our blog. Beginners tend to take this for granted and carelessly just add any widget to fill the space. In this article I will explain widgets that are best to use and most importantly how to arrange them. First thing first, there are a few pointers about the widgets arrangement that we must consider

Best Android phones under 6000

How crazy these days the smartphones are going. well literally am saying that a smartphone a can complete all your tasks like a laptop does, in fact, you cannot hold your Lappy on a single hand where as the smartphone can be easily crafted with on hand.  After the announcement of free Jio 4g network, 57% of extra phones are sold in India compare to the last year sales. The ongoing trend in