FIFA 18: Pele and Maradona Set to Appear in the Legendary Edition of the Upcoming Game

One of the most popular things which always keep the people across the world engaged is video games. And there are a number of reasons why the popularity of these video games is always on the rise. Video games portray the while world in a twisted way and being very close to reality it is bound to attract people. And hence, video games never tend to lose popularity among commoners.

Galaxy Note 8: Release Date has been revealed!

After the explosion that was witnessed back one year, serious Samsung fans had lost their hopes with the tech giant. Yes, we are talking about Note 7 out here! Safely saying, Galaxy Note 7 was completely a disaster! And after the incident which set off fire and explosion by the flagship, the manufacture of the device permanently got ceased; thereby breaking storms on Samsung’s business. Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled in 2016, and before the

Vidmate Makes Entertainment Video Viewing Extremely Easy

Vidmate, the name exhilarates most entertainment fanatics, and I have mentioned and not everyone because there are still few people who do not have any kind of idea about the platform. And for them we will be discussing about Vidmate over here today. It is an entertainment video watching and downloading platform/app which has made the life of every user easy and quite smooth. Now they do not have to

Getting To Know ShowBox

If you are counting the popular apps of recent times. you have to name ShowBox among them. Its popularity is sky-rocketing and it is not ready to stop anytime soon. This app, which has been making waves across the globe. has been updated to 4.91 edition and the best feature is that it comes with few number of bug fixes. One of the exclusive features of the app is the

SHAREit: Facing problem with transferring files? Here’s the best solution!

Earlier when the hi-tech world was just a myth. we’d be wondering what purpose smartphone has been developed for? But now, technology served our sentiments. and we have been offered with various apps providing best services to our movie watching experiences as well as sharing documents and important data. 21st it is, where sharing apps have replaced the services of Bluetooth or any cable wireless. Think of the time. when sharing was done via Bluetooth. How hectic of

Snaptube and a list of great features we cherish

Snaptube is our friend as far as the vast, uncharted Internet is concerned. It helps us in navigating the great swathes which we have yet to encounter on a level playing field. Contrary to our expectations, the Internet can be a very big, bad place, one subsumed by the darker elements of life. And this is where such apps like Snaptube come in. Not only is surfing the Internet a common denominator

Freedom App APK: How to install on Android device

Image credit: freedomapkfree With the revolution of technology, we have come across various smart apps which can be useful in our day-to-day lives. The hi-tech and fast-paced world has served different modes of entertainment to us. One of them is the super powerful gaming industry; which serves entertainment to the serious fans of the gaming world. Indeed the 21st century has offered us excellent hi-tech entertainment world. Whether you belong to the racing