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How to Make Money blogging?

There was a time when people were thinking that blogging is just a hobby and there was no actual way to turn this hobby into profession. But with the time blogging has grown a lot. Now every professional internet marketer and even every professional website has its own blog. Do you know why every professional website must have a blog? Because, they know that blog is not just the way

How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Social media can help a lot when it comes to gathering more people to your blogging network. And if you’re talking about promoting your blog through social media. then you definitely have to mention Twitter. Many bloggers are already promoting their blogs intensively on Twitter. and receiving a jaw-dropping response. So, do you also want to promote your blog on Twitter?.  the fact is that you don’t know how to do

Get Google Adsense friendly WordPress theme with low cost

Are you looking for Google Adsense friendly WordPress theme? Here we suggest a Name best one for it! The awesome name called CTRThemePlus! Guys, if you suffering from lack of CTR in Adsense. Then we surely tell you this the best for you. We all know AdSense is the best platform to earning right amounts of money from the blog channels. But we should follow the numbers of guidelines from

How to Add Adsense inside the Post Content in WordPress blog (beginners guide)

Recently one of our Users asks the question How to Add Adsense ads inside the every Post Content in WordPress blog. Guys, inserting AdSense ads between the post is a more important aspect of blogging. Its increase Cost per Click (CPC) value of AdSense. Adding ads the first paragraph of your content is a good method of earning. Content ads get the best click through rate. If you want to