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How To Get To Your Dream Of Being A Successful Blogger

How To Get To Your Dream Of Being A Successful Blogger  How to become a successful blogger?  This post is not about blogging technics, but about the basic fundamentals of success. Often I see in social media and articles people complaining that family, society, financial issues or circumstances, hold them back from the dream of being a successful blogger. Nobody can hold you back, but your own mind. Let go

Why We Love Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (And You Should, Too!)

According to Google, there are billions of searches made for respective keywords, the result which appears for the respective keywords is the work of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the most powerful tool available on the internet if done in a right way and it can take you places but if handled lightly it will take no time to dump you down. Each day, thousands of pages/content are

Smart Ways to Drive Blog Traffic with Social Media

You may have read several articles that promises great traffic to your blog with the help of Social media. By social media they generally refer to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what they don’t tell you is, without proper engagements or a large fan following (which is not easy to get), your blog link clicks is going to be in single digits, if not 0.  So what are you supposed