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NBA 2K18 Will Make the Game Much More Exciting Than its Predecessors

The sphere of video games is one of the most important sections in the universe of technology. The changes which are coming in the field of technology are bound to have an impact on the video games as well. And that can be noticed quite clearly if we take a look at the video games which have come out from the various game developers which are based out of the

Understanding The Different Modes Of Fruit Ninja APK

If you need any help in understanding the different modes that are available in popular game Fruit Ninja, well you have found yourself in the right place! This is where we will breakdown all the modes that we are going to understand the various modes available in our favorite game. So, here we go! First, let us understand what the game is all about! Fruit Ninja Apk is one game

Dark Mode Feature in iOS 11 will Not Let Your Eyes Strain

iOS or the iOS operating system has been topping the list of the OS in the market since long and has been a threat to all the counter OS. Apple has actually not only garnered a name due to its devices but also for its iOS which is appreciated in the market to a great extent. However, we wait for the release of a particular gadget since long but if

Top 3 Best Men’s Watches Under $200 that you can afford with ease

“Behind every successful man there is a woman,” but likewise, we cannot deny the fact that behind every successful woman there is a man too (apparently that man is none other than your dad). After all, people, your first love were, of course, your dads. Remember those golden days, when you failed to jump high, and your dad wrapped you in his arms, elevated the little you in the sky. Didn’t you feel

FIFA 18: Pele and Maradona Set to Appear in the Legendary Edition of the Upcoming Game

One of the most popular things which always keep the people across the world engaged is video games. And there are a number of reasons why the popularity of these video games is always on the rise. Video games portray the while world in a twisted way and being very close to reality it is bound to attract people. And hence, video games never tend to lose popularity among commoners.

Xbox 2 release date

The year of the super-consoles is finally here. With Project Scorpio, a la the Xbox 2, being touted to release at this year’s E3, in what many reports state will be a June 11 release, the game has just begun. Sony, too, is out with the new PlayStation 5 later this year as well. Add the Nintendo Wii to the list and the customer is spoilt for choice. The new

Galaxy Note 8: Release Date has been revealed!

After the explosion that was witnessed back one year, serious Samsung fans had lost their hopes with the tech giant. Yes, we are talking about Note 7 out here! Safely saying, Galaxy Note 7 was completely a disaster! And after the incident which set off fire and explosion by the flagship, the manufacture of the device permanently got ceased; thereby breaking storms on Samsung’s business. Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled in 2016, and before the