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Top 5 Games like Pokemon Go You Should Play

You all know about Pokemon Go game which is widely popular as a best augmented reality game. When you are in stress and became fully exhausted on your routine work, an AR game like Pokemon Go can react as an entertaining pill. It is very hard to have a perfect alternative of Pokemon Go as there are many games that are similar to Pokemon Go. Absolutely, Pokemon Go is the

5 Best VLC Player Alternatives for Android You Can Use

As we know that VLC is one the best popular media players for PC as well as for Android phones. But besides the VLC media player you can also choose the other best VLC Player alternatives for Android which can provide you the same features like VLC do. Other similar players like VLC are also free to download and use in your mobile phone. So, without keeping your phone stuck

Top 10 Cool Google Search Tricks You Should Know!

Google is the world’s largest search engine that is designed with simple user interface. Many of the people are not aware of the fact that it comes with lots of hidden tools in it. Using the hidden tricks of Google, one can make more interesting research for the content that you seek for. You will witness better results of the search that you have made using this Google search tricks.