We started Newbie Tech Buzz blog about all Tech tips and Tricks for Newbie’s. The blog manly Focus about blogging tips. today blogging is more passionate hobby for youngster’s. day by day number of people enter the blogging world. So all beginners firstly face the questions ‘how to create blog’ and ‘how to make money’. so the blog focus these questions and providing best tips and tricks about create website for newbies.

What you get from NTB ?

  • How to creating blogspot blog free
  • About blogspot widgets
  • How to build WordPress site with easy steps
  • About WordPress plugin and themes
  • How do fix WordPress error
  • How to Build traffic free in easy way
  • How to build back links in easy way
  • How to Make Money Online Tips

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About blog Founder

newbie_tech_buzz_blogger_suresha_bHi, This is suresha B. I’m The Founder and blogger of the Newbie Tech Buzz. I’m a Newbie about web development and blogging. So I Learn every Day. I love to share to my knowledge with my blog readers. You can catch me on Quora, Facebook , Twitter, Google+.