There was a time when people were thinking that blogging is just a hobby and there was no actual way to turn this hobby into profession. But with the time blogging has grown a lot. Now every professional internet marketer and even every professional website has its own blog.

Do you know why every professional website must have a blog?

Because, they know that blog is not just the way to make money online but also the best way to promote the products and services. It helps to easily educate the users about the various products and in that way it helps to create more buyers.

There are bloggers that are making millions of dollars every month from blogging. Today I am going to discuss about how blogging can help you can also make money blogging as many other professional bloggers.

These are Simple ways to Make Money from blogging

1) Contextual Ads

If you are new to blogging then you may find this word strange. But for a blogger contextual ads are the very first thing that he tries to monetize his blog content.

When I talk about monetizing blog content with contextual ads, I cannot skip the names of big contextual ad networks Google Adsense and Bing.

Google Adsense is the biggest contextual ad network. Every newbie blogger dreams to make thousands of dollars from Adsense. Though it is not easy as for this you need highly targeted traffic and a really good number of traffic that you may not attract in very beginning of your blogging journey. But if you are getting traffic more than 50,000 unique visits daily then you cna definitely make good money with Adsense.

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2) Affiliate marketing

In the beginning most of the newbie bloggers fails to make good money from any contextual ad networks. They try to find out many alternative ways to make money with blogging.

When I talk about alternatives of contextual ad, I cannot ignore Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you place ads or write review about the products or services of your clients and add an affiliate link to your posts. When someone clicks on the link and make a purchase then you earn a handsome commission.

Usually commission from an affiliate sale lies between $1-$1000, according to the type of product you are promoting and the number of sales you are generating.

3) Native Ads

Native ads is the hot trend these days. It is easy to get approved and also it is easy to show native ads without making them look like actual ads.

In fact, most of the times native ads work as recommended content that you have seen at the end of the article on many sites.

Once someone click on those recommendations and visit the page, you earn a commission. But to make good money from native ads, you must attract a large number of visitors on daily basis.

4) Direct Ads

If you are a blogger who is getting enough traffic on his blog or I can say more than 3-5 million visitors every month then you can apply for the popular direct ad networks such as BuySellAds.

These networks allow you to sell an ad space on your blog. When someone buys your ad space you make the instant money.

But to make money with direct ads, you blog must have a professional look and authority in your niche. Only then you will be able to attract good clients.

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5) Online Courses

Running online courses is always a helping hand when it comes to make money online with blogging. As a professional blogger, I also runs a learn blogging online course. It helps me to earn $1200-$6000 every month.

Here I like to mention that to run an online course first you must have the complete knowledge of what you are about to offer also make sure that your blog shows your expertise. You should also try to gain authority in your niche.

The more popular you and your blog becomes the more online students will find you to help them.

Also when teaching online, analyze the behavior of your student and teach them in a manner that can help him learn things quickly.

These are the top 5 working ways that helps me and will help you to make money blogging. If you still have a question, feel free to ask me via comments.