Almost everyone loves to stream live music, movies or videos from their Android smartphone and tablet. It is one of the great sources of modern entertainment. But it may not always be possible to stream live movies or videos because of internet availability. That’s why you need a video downloader app which you can use to download videos using your Android device to watch it later or when internet connection not available. You may search the web for a video downloader app but failed to find the best one, if so then you are in the right place. Here, I’m going to share some Best Video Downloader App for Android. All of these app works well with slow internet connection, and you can download videos from anywhere like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

So, which is the Best Video Downloader App for Android?  Actually, it varies on several facts, and the different app works well for different devices, internet connection, and video platform. So you can test multiple apps to find which one works perfectly for you. And here are some of our recommended Best Video Downloader Apps for Android.

Top 4 Video Downloader App for Android

1. VidMate

VidMate is one of the most popular and widely used video downloader apps for Android platform. Personally, I’m also using this app on my Android phone to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, Instagram and much more. The most attractive feature of this app, it will recommend new movies, music, videos and TV shows according to your search/download history and activity. You will also get latest English and Hindi movies to download with HD quality. As the app comes with a built-in web browser, so you can browse any video streaming sites to download videos. Another key feature is, you can set the storage where downloaded files will be saved. There is also a built-in video player available with various functions to play downloaded videos instantly. Overall, VidMate could be the best option if you want to download latest movies and anything from YouTube.


Note: The app currently not available in the Google Play Store. You need to download the APK file from their official Website and install it on your device.

Get VidMate Here

2. FVD – Free Video Downloader

If you are looking for a renowned video downloader app that available on the Google Play Store, then you must check the FVD – Free Video Downloader app. The only one disadvantage of this app is, you can’t download anything from YouTube using this app. However, this smart video downloader app comes with a browser to browse any video streaming site to start downloading videos. The app also supports almost all major web browsers app, so when you play the video in any browser, an FVD icon will show to start downloading that video.

The FVD will let you download multiple files at a time and can use internet speed smartly. There is also an option available to choose the video quality and where to save the video (device storage or SD card). The app supports more than 14 languages, so there is a big chance to get this app with your own language.



Download FVD from Google Play

3. TubeMate

TubeMate also considered as one of the finest video downloader app to download videos from different video streaming sites. This app also allows downloading videos from YouTube with various quality and formats. The user-friendly interface makes the app ideal for both newbies and advanced users. And the lightweight feature helps to open and run the app quickly as well as consume low battery power. The app also not available in the Google Play store. You can download the APK version from any 3rd party website like Cnet, Android Freeware, UpToDown or their official website.


Get TubeMate Here

4. Videoder

With more than 300 million downloads, the Videoder is also one of the popular and widely used Video Downloader App for both Android smartphone and tablet. The app is similar to VidMate that you can use to download videos from youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo and other video streaming sites. The app comes with a built-in converter to convert download videos instantly in different formats. You can download videos in various formats and resolution like HD, FHD, UHD, etc. The app also considered as the best music downloader app as you can download YouTube videos directly as MP3 songs. The app also perfect for downloading music from audio sharing sites like Soundcloud.

Get Videoder Here

Final Thoughts

Downloading videos on your Smartphone or tablet is not a big deal anymore. But you must find a cool video downloader that can download videos from various source with high quality and different formats. It is also important to know the average download speed and other unique features before installing a downloader app on your device. And hope this list will help you to find the best one and I can promise you don’t need to search again on the web for the best video downloader app for Android.