Widgets have become part of our sites/blogs design. They complement the content we offer in our blog. Beginners tend to take this for granted and carelessly just add any widget to fill the space. In this article I will explain widgets that are best to use and most importantly how to arrange them.

First thing first, there are a few pointers about the widgets arrangement that we must consider before anything else.

  • Which will be on all post.
  • Which will be on static pages.
  • Which will be in certain posts.
  • And those that you are not sure where to put them.
  • Do not have two side bar (makes your blog look clumsy)
  • Finally take a good look and assess if that is what you exactly want the side to look like.

Which are this widgets?

  1. Sign up form – this allows visitors on your blog to subscribe simply by just adding their email. Do not ask your subscribers much info for their subscription, it tend to draw them away.
  2. Follow Buttons – adding social media buttons on your site make it easy to increase traffic on your blog when your visitors follow you on any social media.  Simply they increase your boundary to the people on their social media who might not have idea who you are.
  3. Feature post – make it easy for visitors to see a few post that are in your blog to give them a general idea of what content is available. This improve the chance of turning visitors to subscribers.
  4. Ads – I know many bloggers who their main source of income is the advertisement on their blog. Add them carefully and those that relate to what you offer on your blog. Having many ads in your blog affect the effectiveness of your blog.
  5. Search – this simplify the hassle involved in looking for certain information on your blog by giving them an option to search it using keywords.
  6. Photos – a photo speaks louder than words. It’s easy to capture the attention of your readers to read the content on your blog when appropriate images are used to accompany the posts. Clear mind selection of photos that you add on the sidebar must reflect the content of your blog.
  7. Blog awards – if you have been awarded any badge on any blog for your content add them on the side bar to give your visitors an idea that you understand your niche to an extent of being recognized and honored. It increase their trustworthy of your blog.

These are just but a few widgets that you must have on your sidebar.

How do you arrange them?

  • On all post > sign up form, follow buttons, ads, search and featured post.
  • On static post > photos and blog awards.
  • On certain post > Related posts.

This is one of the arrangement that you can use on your blog to ensure that the widgets are visible and those that you consider important to come first. For example if you want visitors to subscribe to your blog, I would recommend sign up form widget to be at the top of your sidebar.

Download or install Jetpack plugin and activate it to ensure that those plugins that are not in use stay deactivated. Make your blog more user friendly with help of sidebar widgets. Make use of this WordPress feature.

You have a lot of options to use when it comes to choosing the right widgets.

This might be confusing especially to beginners who have no idea on which are the best widgets on their blog.

There are those widgets that you will have to download their plugins so that you can include them on the sidebar. A good example is the newsletter widget. Generally experts recommend that you place those you prefer important for your blog on top as you go downward.


Sidebar widgets requires to be reviewed time to time to ensure that they are helping you achieve your goal. Remember they are still part of design and they need regular update.

How do you arrange your blog sidebar widgets?  I would love to learn new ways or even if you have specific widgets that you use. Share your ideas here.