Blogging is one of the powerful tools that businesses have to engage with customers.

It acts as a direct communication channel. You can interact with the customers directly.

It complies options to comment, share and like. You can answer them, show gratitude for commenting.

# Why business blogging is important ?

A blog is a platform for connecting customers with timely relevant content.When you share relevant information about your business solutions, you position yourself as a subject matter expert. Automatically, you became a resource pool over time.

You blog fuels SEO. Every time you provide a content, it should be unique, and Google loves unique content. Make sure you build the content around the keywords.

# Blogging helps to build public relations

Blogging creates free Public Relations. It is a place to talk about your old, new, and upcoming products or services.

It makes people think about newsworthy topics, your industry, your customer’s needs and your products.

It attracts press and journalist if hot topic is discussed more in it.

# Blog is the voice of the company

A Blog is the voice of the company.Your brand’s personality is shined by showcasing your story to the world.

It builds brand awareness, promote your expertise, products and services .It is a long-term asset for your business marketing.

# Blogging focus on business objectives

It makes you focus on your business objectives. You create a content strategy as to what to and when to publish. It serves as a cost-effective marketing investment for your business.

It gives you an opportunity to get found online. You want to bring visitors  to your website, so they’re people that would convert as customers over time by making the purchase of your product or service.

60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, according to a HubSpot survey.

# Blog Structure and Effective Elements to Generate Leads.

The first impression is the best impression and lasts long.

Your blog design should impress your readers at the first sight. It should provide an initiative and smooth blogging experience.

Your Homepage is the first place to see. Strategically creating a blog so that readers can navigate quickly is important.

Sticky Header that lets visitors know about your business, product or service on the top of your blog homepage is the first line that attracts the reader’s eye.

It should be crisp yet give a complete understanding of your business idea.

Blog Categories helps readers to pick the topic of their choice. Best practice to exercise is to place it in a horizontal strap just below the sticky header.

# Don’t forget about Subscription Option

Subscription Option enables you to get more visitors be connected. A one-time subscription will give you the lead’s necessary information so that you can send them the updates.

Most preferred way is to  provide at the right side column of your blog.

Navigation sets a flow of action to perform. If the reader is confused or stuck with next step, there are high chances to leave your site.

A search bar is placed just below the category section.

Through blogging encourages to comment, like the post, reader like to share them with others who might be needed that info.

Social Connect Buttons to let readers to share the info to their well know ones and stay connected with your.They are in the form of buttons, placed immediately after the post.

A Time To Read functionality will give an idea of the time it will take to go through the post to your readers.

It can be a deciding factor for many busy bees to read your post.

# Call to Action is drive activations !

Call to Action are most attractive ways to drive activations. You can use Inline, sidebar or end of the post.

These CTA  should be Personalized. They increase the conversion rate to 42% more compared to un-targeted CTA. A Better form of CTA should  tell people what to do next and a non-obligatory statement.

Some use a beneficiary statement given results of content offered or value to the content.

Social channels are the best platforms to make your content viral. Make sure your social media content is creative yet informative.

Pop-up are great tools to Opt-In forms to the users on different sections of the blog. There are many ways to provide them. You can provide one when a reader is about to leave the site, at header or footer.

Some choose to provide when the reader stay for a period say more than 15 seconds. Some use a scroll down form that appears to direct the reader to another section etc. A placeholder text in each field is an excellent way to engage the subscribers.

Final words

Hope the article give you some insights about Why business blogging is important to acquire customers. If you have more thoughts about this subject please feel free leave feedback on comment section.