Since your About page tends to be the 2nd most visited page on your blog it makes sense to create an engaging, enticing, attractive page to reel in readers.


I want my readers to familiarize themselves with me. Quickly.


Publishing a transparent and beneficial About page has helped me build a strong connection with my readership.


Before readers trust the advice (your blog posts, products and services) you better believe they need to check the source (you, the blogger).


Crafting a compelling About page is the easiest way to ensure that readers deem the source credible and trustworthy.


Follow these 5 tips to create a rocking About page for your blog.


1: Be Personal


Even though you may want to hide away and create a generic, plain About page I advise you share an in-depth, personal story as to your experiences within your blog niche, including wins and losses.


Human beings can bond more powerfully with real, authentic humans who experience both success and failure.


Don’t be afraid to get personal. Readers easily relate to genuine bloggers who share the entire range of their experience.


Can you overshare? As long as you stay on topic, not really. Readers want to know more about you, your story and what you bring to the table as far as your life experiences. If I only painted a picture of my successes, many bloggers would have a difficult time relating to me. But when I explain how I was a broke, laid off security guard who struggled with blogging for years, folks see me as being more human, fallible and believable.


Showing your human side is perhaps the most critical component of publishing an inspired About page.


2: Smile for the Camera


Share at least one selfie with your readership to add some flavor and yes, a human presence to your About page.


Nothing drives me more batty than trying to guess what a blogger looks like since I never see their smiling mug….not even on their About page.


Remind readers how an actual, living, breathing human being runs your blog. Include 1 or more smiling headshots on this page to connect with your readers on a deeper level.


The more selfies, the better, I say.


3: Stress Benefits


Telling your story forms a deep bond with your audience.


But you need to go above and beyond sharing your wins and losses to craft an enticing, attractive About page.


Stress the benefits of reading your blog. Why would readers buy into your message? Some people may resonate with your story but need to know how you can specifically help them before hopping onboard.


I lay out how my blog benefits readers explicitly through my About page. I get it; before they trust the advice, they check the source and how the blog itself will help them.


4: Easy Access


Make it easy to find your About page.


I link to this page via a clear, navigable menu near the top of my blog, well above the fold.


Don’t hide your story. Readers want to check the source of advice being offered.


Link to your About page via a top menu and perhaps your sidebar too in order to connect with your audience.


5: Call to Action


I see a mondo mistake on most About pages.


Bloggers share their story but forget to add a clear call to action at the page end. Whether you goad folks to sign up for your list, to email you questions or to buy a product or hire you for your service take the opportunity to capitalize on the 2nd most visited page on most blogs.


Beyond your homepage, folks visit your About page most frequently. Take advantage of the high volume of traffic with a clear cut call to action.


Your Turn


What tips can you add to this list?