Security apps for Android offer numerous useful features apart from its core function providing security to your device from malware threats. These state-of-the-art software programs work on smart techniques to provide complete security to your device. In its extended features, these tools work as an anti-malware tool, spam blocker, app locker, spam calls blocker, and much more. Additionally, it offers real-time protection to your device from all latest malware threats. These tools help you improve device performance significantly. Let’s discuss 5 best security apps for Android that you should use to thwart security threats.

# 1 DU Antivirus Security

DU Antivirus Security is an effective antivirus and mobile security solution. It works on Pro Cloud technology to keep your device performing well. It thoroughly scans your device to find all malware threats, spyware, ransomware, and Trojans on your device with latest anti-malware database. It helps you find and remove viruses automatically from your Android mobile & Tablet. It helps you protect your sensitive information from spyware threats. Using this tool, you can hide your private photos & videos to file locker and manage your contacts seamlessly. It also allows you to hide your secret calls. Further, you can block unnecessary spam calls effectively.


# 2 Systweak Anti-Malware

This premium cyber security solution helps you protect your device from all known unknown threats effectively. This simple yet powerful tool works on smart techniques and advanced algorithms to provide complete security to your device. It keeps updating its database to provide you security from latest malware codes. The tool is designed to provide you real-time security from malicious content when you try to download malicious apps. Further, it offers privacy features to keep your device and data privacy intact.

Source: systweak

It displays a detail information of all apps installed on your device and permissions acquired by them. You can view and manage these permissions under this head. Additionally, it allows you to Whitelist your personal and important apps to avoid scanning. It finds and removes malicious content from both internal and external storage space. Further, it offers Quick and Deep scan options to fit into various needs. Systweak Anti-Malware is one of the best android security apps that offers thorough security to your device from all malware threats and unauthorizes permissions acquired by different apps.  

# 3. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

This amazing tool offers a lot of useful features to keep your device protected. It offers on-demand scan for complete device and on-access scan of downloaded apps & files. It works on user-friendly interface and offers easy access to its features. It sends you monthly security reports to keep you updated about your device security. Further, it offers anti-theft features with remote siren, remote lock and GPS localization activated by SMS.

In other features, it offers antiphishing features, scheduled scanning, on-charger scan, automatic updates, SMS/MMS/Call blocking, device monitoring of important settings and application audits. Taking security measures to next level, it takes autonomous action when someone tries to enter wrong PIN or Pattern on your device and when unauthorized SIM change detected.



# 4. Hi Security Lite

This world-class tool is equipped with various useful features including antivirus, privacy scanner, app locker, Booster, Wi-Fi security and much more. It works on powerful antivirus engines to provide you complete security. Its strong antivirus engines work extensively to find and clean all virus threats on both internal memory and SD card. It works as a phone booster where it kills all unnecessary services and removes obsolete files.


It offers Deep Scan function to provide complete security. It helps you clean browsing history and clipboard history with single tap. It offers safe browsing with 24/7 online security protection features. Further, it helps you clean phone memory and provides safe Wi-Fi network access. It offers many other useful features as well to improve your device performance.

# 5. Power Security

This free antivirus app offers a deep scan of your device to keep all mobile security threats away. It helps you protect your device from virus, spyware, adware, Trojans, phishing attempts and much more. It works as an antivirus scanner & cleaner, phone speed booster, and phone memory & cache cleaner to provide you well-performing device.


Additionally, it works as a privacy cleaner for safe online activities and web protection, Wi-Fi scanner & network analyzer for Wi-Fi security, phone status monitor for your device’s real-time status monitor, app locker to keep sensitive information safe, message protector to hide important messages from notification bar and much more.  In other features, it offers CPU cooling feature, battery saving features, gallery vault locker, and lot more.


 Security apps for Android work effectively to keep your device protected from all malware threats and other performance related issues. These apps work on advanced techniques to find and clean all virus threats effectively from your device using latest database. In fact, these tools help you improve your device performance significantly. Using these apps, you can see the visible and effective results.

Summary: Android security apps work effectively to keep your device performing well. These tools offer various security features to provide complete cover. Let’s discuss 5 best security apps for Android users.