Google is the world’s largest search engine that is designed with simple user interface. Many of the people are not aware of the fact that it comes with lots of hidden tools in it. Using the hidden tricks of Google, one can make more interesting research for the content that you seek for. You will witness better results of the search that you have made using this Google search tricks. Get rid of the old searching tricks of any contents in Google, which you have been doing it before. Previously we have discussed free movies online without download, so now we will provide you detailed information regarding Top 10 Cool Google Search Tricks.

In this digital world, learning almost everything is possible through a Google search. You can almost get all the detailed information that you need to learn through this amazing search engine. It stores all the necessary information from all over the world shared by any experienced people in any particular topic. To make a quick research on anything that you need to know, you will have to gain knowledge on the Google search techniques. Keep on reading this article, till the end to figure out the tricks of using Google Search engine in an advance way.

List of Top 10 Cool Google Search Tricks:

1: Google Voice Search

Google voice search is one of the best Google tricks and this mode allows you to discover the topics that want to learn about. Suppose you are using Google Chrome browser as your default internet browser, to perform voice search simply launch the browser. Visit the home page of Google and then into the search engine. Now click on the microphone icon and then speak of the words or line you wish to perform a search.

2: Replace Google search with Start Page

If you want to get the same search features similar to that of Google. You must prefer to use the start page for making search of web, image, videos and more advance search. Not only that the most interesting features of this search engine is, you can make any search in private which will not allow any sites to track down your IP address or say your current location information.

3: Google Image Search

Could not recognize the person in the image and want to know the name? If it is then, you can make Google image search of it and find out the result which is another best Google tricks. To perform this trick, open Google on your computer browser and then click on “Images” that lies on the top of your right. Now click on the camera icon, to make image search you can simply paste the URL of image or upload an image. Click on the search by image button and then you will get the search results on the web page.

4: Customize Google search engine results

When you perform search of any topic or file using search engine of your Google chrome browser. Change the search settings to get more effective search results. To avoid the unwanted results in your web page, you can turn on Safe Search and also hide the private results too. To make Google search more easy change into your preferable languages, the way you wanted to browse your internet.

5: Search any topics using proper keyword

If you make the proper use of the keyword search then you will be getting proper results. Suppose instead of searching “when father day celebrated in the world?”, and you better use the short keyword like “father’s day”. In this manner, you can get a quick result on the searched keywords you are making research on.

6: Google search between 2 numbers for buying products

Making Google search between 2 numbers for buying products gives you the best results and this is another amazing Google tricks. Perhaps the best way to get your affordable price range search of products. Suppose you will have to make search in the Google Search engine by typing say “buy Lenovo laptop 50,000…30,000. Now you will get the results of Lenovo laptop that comes under the range of 50 k to 30k.

7: Discover contents within a particular Website

Into the Google search engine there is no need to take a long cut search, you don’t need to type and look for finding the any news or videos by entering into the particular site, you can just simply search it in just a short time. Suppose to search the money in the bank 2017 videos or news, just type “site money in the bank 2017” gives you a fast search result. It is the quickest way to search anything without visit deep inside the webpage.

8: Search Images by its size, color and type

Google Search engine brings to you amazing Google tricks and one of those is discovering photos in unique ways. Just for an example you made search for “cute cats taking selfie images” in Google. To get the option for selecting the search sort by its size, color and type and lots more. You can also filter by image search by choosing not filtered by license, labeled for reuse, and more tools. In this way, you can download any of the images according to the size you choose to.

9: Google Advance Search

Google Advance search is on the list of the cool Google search tricks and effective one. This technique is a combination of unique features along with powerful searching tools. You are allowed to search for pages with a particular word or the exact phrase article you seek for. Not only that you can also narrow your result choosing any language, region, filters and lots more. T perform this you simply have too type the term or phrase you are looking for. Click on the tools and then select advanced search and fill all the details in the next page.

10: Google Set Timer

You may not know that you can actually use timer command in Google search engine. It comes with so many benefits in different situation such as checking on the time of article writing you take. To use it is a very simple process and easy to handle. Visit the search engine and then type “set timer” to use time and stopwatch.


In this article, you have learned all the details information of the top 10 cool Google Search tricks available for you. These are the amazing Google tricks that you must be aware of, as it makes your Google Search more fun. These hidden tricks are helpful in many ways to provide you more accurate search results. Once you have store all of the above mentioned tricks in your mind, there are many things you will be able to do which was normally not possible for you earlier. Since now you know all the Google search tricks that are applicable, you better make the best use of it.