According to Google, there are billions of searches made for respective keywords, the result which appears for the respective keywords is the work of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the most powerful tool available on the internet if done in a right way and it can take you places but if handled lightly it will take no time to dump you down.

Each day, thousands of pages/content are created. The competition is at its peak what will make your content, pages, and services to appear online and outstand, the answer is SEO.

The SEO is the difference between ranking on the first page and ranking on the 2-4 page. The 90% of the visitors scroll only through 2-3 post appearing on the first page. The most of the search visits are consumed by the top 3 post leaving behind no visit for others.

Ranking on the first page of the Google search makes a huge the difference in revenue, but how it can be done. The answer is very simple with lots of patience and the clear and concise knowledge of the topic Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect of the Digital Marketing. SEO is about generating organic or natural traffic to your website. The huge website and blogs have little time to spend on promoting their blogs over in forum and social media platforms. The most of the revenue and traffic is organic. They have ranked their pages for specific keywords and they receive tons of traffic on that.
For example. A popular blog from India Shoutmeloud have 90% of organic traffic.
In order to survive online, your post and blog should have a complete hold on SEO otherwise you don’t have a chance.

It guides users towards your website evidently by way of enhancing your ranking on the outcomes web page on Google or some other search engine, even as simultaneously organizing a brand value.
you can don’t forget Google as a librarian, websites as books and the net as a library. Google analyses all websites very closely and knows what they contain. each time a traveler asks for a selected query, Google recommends the maximum relevant website. It also provides different options as properly, consistent with the relevance.

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Factors that help in increasing the Search Engine.

Google changes its Search Ranking algorithm regularly. However, there are some basic factors which decide the page rank on the Google search results:

• Content

Content is the King. Google rate websites for unique content. Thus, creating more relevant and interesting content will make your website rank higher.

Google algorithms test each phase of the website. Posting at regular durations and the presence of beneficial facts makes the consider element stronger. particular content which covers the whole thing receives rated higher. Now, you already know why Wikipedia articles are placed on top.

• Backlinks

Google considers backlinks as a trust factor. The number of links directing to your websites makes an impact on your ranking. Links from high trusted domains like Forbes, Hubspot and other make your website more trusted than other sites having many inbound links from low domain authority sites. Quality matters over quantity.

Link building is an approach to link the social media and different websites to your internet page. Optimize your content material in line with the platform and then hyperlink it again in your landing page.However, the links made through software and bots are penalized by the Google and does more harm than the good. The backlinks from the low Domain Authority and Page Authority result in the low ranking. Quality always wins over quantity.

• Mobile-friendly

Since 2016, the wide variety of Mobile net users has handed the quantity of laptop and desktop users. consequently, Google has been selling mobile friendly websites. So if your website is optimized in accordance to the mobile browsers you’ll rank better than others. Google is taking care of the cellular customers to grow the internet accessibility.

• Technical Aspects

Technical factors like Encryption (Google bots mark the HTTP as unsafe and prefers HTTPS over it),

  1. using relevant images, with appropriate alternative text, Header Tags (use of proper Keywords in H1 and h2 tags of the source code)
  2. Using appropriate meta description.
  3. Using Organic Keywords.
  4. Having internal links.

Plays a huge role in deciding SEO ranking. You’ll have to be on the same page with the tech team to increase the page visibility across the internet.
Search Engine Optimization is an ever-evolving industry. within the past few years, we’ve visible Google make a regular push for rich content material, satisfactory hyperlinks, and a really perfect cell experience. different ranking factors are genuinely essential and will play a role to your scores, but if you prioritize improving factors of your internet site related to those elements, then you definitely ll come out beforehand of the competition.”
Apart from all the tactics, SEO ranking also depends on how long visitors spend time on your website/webpage, this sends Google a signal that visitors like your site. So, try to create engaging content and images.
Regular use and observation of Google Analytics and other Analysis web apps will help you to keep a track of visitors and you may improve according to it.

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• Promotion

Promotion is an important part of SEO ranking. It helps to create backlinks and to reach the audience. It gives SEO a boost when people share your content while increasing the visibility. Social Media Marketing plays a huge role in content promotion. The Google ads, Fb ads and other kinds of the ads can be considered for promotion. The question How to increase traffic and ranking will no longer trouble you.


This was a little part of Search engine optimization. The SEO topic is as vast as an ocean and I just served you a glass of it, but if you master this you will rank in pages. Your website or blog will start growing.

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