Clash Royale is a new entry in the game world with the characters of Clash of Clan and some new ones. It is a strategic game based on the approach that the player has to defend his kingdom destroying his opponent’s country.

Players are engaged in fights which require attention and specific analytical skills in the span of a few seconds to choose the desired card for the win in the game. Sure cards are used which have their features.

How To Start Clash Royale Game

The person has first to download the game from play store, it is available for free, but few features can be bought and upgraded for real money. It is also available on IOS platforms at its store. This Clash Royale game is also available on PC and Mac. After downloading the player has to go through two stages of training rounds, where he has to learn attack and defence.

After the completion of training, mode player gets to compete against real time players globally. In each round player has to win more crowns than his opponent in the given point and with each successive level, a new enemy arrives and with each new level new cards are revealed which contains different features. The player can collect maximum new cards and upgrade new ones.

Players are ranked by the level they are in and the number of trophies they have. The highest level is 13, and in multiplayer games, prizes are won or lost through battles.

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How To Clash Royale Play

One has to strategically choose from given four cards available at that particular time and launch the specific powers of that character to attack the opponent who does the same with his choice of cards. There are three towers of the opponent and three of the player to himself; the player is required to damage a maximum number of enemy towers defending his own.

On destroying of every tower, the player wins a crown. Thus at the end of the game player with a maximum number of kings wins the game. The player can either have some heads than his opponent in the given time or defeat him by destroying all his towers first. Each tower has its store of energy represented in numbers which need to be exhausted completely to destroy the tower.

The tower in the centre has maximum power points and requires most destruction. The player needs to play very cleverly because planting bombs or any damage near his towers can also exhaust his energy which can lead to a situation of self-destruction.

The number of victories and crowns helps in unlocking of higher levels.

Components Of The Clash Royale Game

1. Cards

The individual powers which are driving forces of the game are represented as cards. Before each game, players have to make a pack of eight cards used to attack and defend from their opponent’s towers. As the game starts, both players begin with four random cards from their pack of 8.

Each card costs a particular amount of elixir to the player (it’s like a period of rest in which the card gains it power back) for one Elixir point player has to wait for 2.8 seconds (or 1.4 seconds in the final 60 seconds of the game). Players can also use clash royale hack tool to get more Elixir for free. Once the card is played, a new card is automatically brought to use from the player’s pack of eight cards.

There are currently 74 cards in the game, which are labelled in four separate categories as:
Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

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2. Arenas (LEVELS)

There are 11 playing arenas in the in total (excluding the first training stages), each arena in the game has a certain number of trophies that can be obtained in that particular field. Arenas are the different levels in the game.

The Arenas are:

1. Goblin Stadium

2. Bone Pit

3. Barbarian Bowl

4. P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse

5. Spell Valley

6. Builder’s Workshop

7.Royal Arena

8. Frozen Peak

9. Jungle Arena

10. Hog Mountain and

11. Legendary Arena.

3. Chests

When the player engages in multiplayer fights certain chests open for him. These Chests although take some amount of time to unlock: Silver Chests take three hours to open, Golden Chests take eight hours, Giant, Magical and Epic Chests take 12 hours, whereas Super Magical and Legendary Chests take 24 hours. Gems can be used to catalyse unlocking or can also be used to purchase a chest.

Chests contain cards, gold, free chests, crown, chests will also contain gems. Different levels of chests include different numbers or types of cards.

4. Clans

Players can unite with other players to form their clans (group) to engage in friendly wars which will not affect their chests or trophies. Clan members can also exchange cards between each other and fight together against other clans.

They can also participate in weekly tournaments held between different clans and get their names displayed on the winner’s list.

5. Tournaments

Tournaments are another feature of the game which is designed by the players themselves by paying coins these functions open after level 8. Based on their performances players are rewarded with tournament chests.

These can be made public, or password operated.

6. League

Once a player reaches above 4000 trophies, he is placed in one of the nine different leagues ranging from various challenges.

This game has beautiful and stimulating graphics and is a treat to all the clash of clan fans. It is online in mode, and apart from playing with global players, one can also invite his friends for a private duel. This highly addictive and excitingly grabbing game should be tried by everyone.

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