Instagram is a photo sharing network. Here millions of people are the most active users for personal and business purpose of their brand awareness. In this, you can share photos as well as videos either publicly or privately.

Instagram is used to send someone a photo or video upload from your mobile media library directly. In other words, share the photos or videos directly to someone by share page tap “Direct”. So, you can send messages to anyone. If you send a message to someone who doesn’t follow you, it will appear as a request in their inbox. If they accept your request, then you can send messages continuously in future.

Notably, here we should discuss on following Instagram. Following Instagram have two categories – following and followers. Following means, you are interested in staying updated with them. It means their posts will appear in your newsfeed. But you don’t expect that users are following you back. Followers mean users that are following you.

There Are 10 Tactics To Increase The Instagram Followers:

1. Post Regularly:

The posting strategy must be relevant to our brands and should share on a regular basis. It determines your post will appear near the top of your follower’s feeds. Posts must be either photos or content related photos with proper format and content must be unique.

2. Use Quality # Tags:

To reach the more people, it is essential to use # tags. Which is relevant to your posts. Because #tags are best for growing fast following on Instagram. Instagram allows up to 30 # tags per post. The question is which # tags we should use?  But my answer is simply searched and record the #tags relevant to your brand.

Similarly, you can do keyword research for the blog post. Another thing to remember is many people are using same hashtags (# tags) how we can find the right ones? You can find these by running a campaign which is modified with unique brands are using #tags.

Here are few examples:

Samsung was team up with five influential Instagrammers who used Samsung galaxy note mobile phones. These are used the # tag of #benoteworthy as a campaign on Instagram. 2,500 photos were tagged with #benoteworthy. 105 photos are promoted by influential programs earned 325,700 likes 7900 comments were made on the pictures.

Armani Exchange: In the same way of Samsung, Armani Exchange was team up with eight influential Instagrammers. They share their style on Instagram using #tag of #dressedfor. 2300 photos were tagged with #dressedfor,75 photos were promoted by the influential Instagrammers and earned 468,080 likes with 9670 comments were made on the pictures.

3. Sharing User Generated Content

This is one the method to grew a Instagram followers By sharing user generated content and it shows the unique stories to our users. Example if want to post #bufferstories.  It gives a good response from followers. Because #bufferstories is popular on Instagram.

4. Ask Users To “Tag A Friend “:

It is one of the best Instagram tips. In this, we can easily get good response from followers

5. Use The Right Filters:

There are many filters in Instagram but choosing the right one lead to more views and engagement. The top filters to increase chances of views and comments.

  • Higher exposure
  • Warmth temperature
  • Higher contrast

Greater exposure gives more views and warmth had the biggest correlation with comments and correlation has two types of filters-saturation correlated to slightly lower views, and age effects led fewer comments. Higher contrast gives a great infographic with even more specific pointers on optimising your image for meaningful engagement.

6. Use Online Tools:

There are several online tools which claim to provide Instagram followers for free & also by paying some bucks. You just need to choose the available amount of fans & accordingly they will be added to your account.

7. Add Few Emoji:

Emoji are a universal method of expression. As per Instagram reports that nearly 56% of all captions and comments are filled with one or two emoji.

8. Cross Promote:

Cross-promotion is a great tactic to get some extra promotion like embedding Instagram photos to the Facebook page.

9. Try Video Too:

As per Instagram rules to upload video between 3-60 seconds in length. Now near about 10% of all Instagram posts are videos right now and get 18% of comments.

10. Run Contests On Instagram:

The main advantage of running contests on Instagram is that you get to capture all your user information, get exposure across other social networks & manage all your entries in the one place.