The year of the super-consoles is finally here. With Project Scorpio, a la the Xbox 2, being touted to release at this year’s E3, in what many reports state will be a June 11 release, the game has just begun. Sony, too, is out with the new PlayStation 5 later this year as well. Add the Nintendo Wii to the list and the customer is spoilt for choice. The new consoles will usher in the new era of true 4K gaming.

A word on the release date first. The first and the original Xbox, which was released in 2001, started it all. The Xbox was at that time a work of art. The console was snappy, the graphics were snazzy and the overall impact was significant. The product was widely launched and was introduced to great acclaim, both critical and commercial. The Xbox is still one of the most popular gaming consoles ever to have launched and we are not even incorporating the nostalgia factor in our equation. The next console from the stables of Microsoft to launch was the Xbox 360. True to the name, the new console really did cover all 360 angles when it launched. 

It was uniquely placed in the timeline of technological advancements as well. It launched in May 2005. In 2005, the concept of gaming was much different. Players were yet to reap the full benefit of the internet. LANs, while being more popular than the years preceding the launch, were still expensive affairs. The Xbox360 was very popular on its release. Unfortunately, it was not able to captivate the market like the original Xbox did. The delay of around 3 and a half years had dented its reputation. This is not a judgment of the quality of the console. This is more indicative that big manufacturers have to be better adapted for reading the pulses of the consumers. The new Xbox 360 was very not very popular for one more significant reason as well. It was very expensive. Add to that the delay in launch and you will have a solid grasp as to wahy the new Xbox One had to be released and released very soon.

The next-generation console was the Xbox One. The Xbox One released in 2013. While the time spent in developing the new console was once again on the wrong side of three years, this was to be expected. There is something known as product life-cycle. The life cycle was not yet over by that time. The new Xbox One was priced more conservatively, at $499. The new console was also automatically upgraded to support the games available for the previous consoles. The new Xbox One S was released after the Xbox One was released. The new console was a minor refurbishment of the Xbox One. The Xbox One S is normally not considered as a separate console. The Xbox 2, when it is unveiled in June, is slated to replace all existing consoles. The Xbox 2 is also essential in advancing Microsoft’s plans for the future