Behind every successful man there is a woman,” but likewise, we cannot deny the fact that behind every successful woman there is a man too (apparently that man is none other than your dad).

After all, people, your first love were, of course, your dads. Remember those golden days, when you failed to jump high, and your dad wrapped you in his arms, elevated the little you in the sky.

Didn’t you feel special? Now that you have grown bigger standing shoulder to shoulder with your dad and, there’s someone who is taking an attempt of depending upon you, but hey! Depending on you doesn’t mean depending on those big notes.

Anyone can support economically, but when daughters are concerned, daddies become a way beyond possessive. Use technology, use whatever, but make sure of one thing, make sure of your dad’s happiness.

Watch is a good idea, isn’t it? But when those big notes are concerned, many of us might not come up owning a Rolex or Omega. But who that would stop you from convincing with the love that you owe your superhero. Here’s presenting some watches which anyone of you can afford to purchase. Read on!

Seiko SSC138 Excelsior
When you search the Internet for Top 3 Best Men’s Watches Under $200, you find this watch mentioned. Often for a man, it becomes difficult to select a particular watch that exactly compliments his personality. But with Seiko SSC138 Excelsior, you can make your dad, flaunt his wrist, and when a gift from you is the ultimate, don’t you worry about the price tag. Seiko SSC138 Excelsior’s rich tone on dial compliments this watch to be classy; thereby offering a timepiece of being solar powered. This model also provides a true water resistance beneficial feature; thus offering a water resistivity of 330 ft (100 meters). As this is a solar watch, you will find it ticking soon after you remove it from the box. With just an eight minute sunlight, Seiko SSC138 Excelsior can run for a day.

Fossil Nate JR1499
Fossil Nate is a brand that offers good watches under 200 dollars. This watch is very close to making 100 dollar mark. But before going any further into this watch, let me just remind you of one thing. This watch is meant to them who has got a broader wrist. So, if your dad falls into that category, then this watch might be your ultimate choice. Coming with premium metal sheet box, Fossil Nate JR1499 offers fancy graphic to compliment the portable timepiece on your wrist. The stainless steel band of Fossil Nate JR1499 comes with a width of 24mm along with a deployant buckle closure; waiting for about 7.05 ounces (199 grams) which is somewhat heavier than that of any smartphone. But the only problem with the watch is that the watch’s date window is a bit too small.

Michael Kors Pennant MK8372
Certainly, it’s difficult to find a chronograph watch whose design screams out loud with decency along with the corporative look. But all your problems are solved with Michael Kors Pennant MK8372. It announces itself to be the possible contender. With formal dressing needs, this watch is perfect for approval; which happens to come with 43mm dial, 12mm of thickness along with 21mm of width. Whether the wrist is big or medium, this watch is an all-to-go watch. Since the water resistance of Michael Kors Pennant MK8372 is 165 feet (50 meters), the watch is approved for swimming purposes too.

Wrap Up…

For that special someone too, these watches are applicable. Because the more you possess something worthy, the more love grows. Whether it’s or dad or someone close to you; bring out the idea of gifting a watch, because time is the ultimate decider who says it all, my friend!