Earlier when the hi-tech world was just a myth. we’d be wondering what purpose smartphone has been developed for? But now, technology served our sentiments. and we have been offered with various apps providing best services to our movie watching experiences as well as sharing documents and important data. 21st it is, where sharing apps have replaced the services of Bluetooth or any cable wireless.

Think of the time. when sharing was done via Bluetooth. How hectic of a task it was, indeed! But with technology’s grace, SHAREit (the file sharing app) has been offered by the tech giant Lenovo some couple of years back, specifically in China in the month of June 2012. Luckier our generations are, as they get the best services provided by the SHAREit App. Here in this article, we are going to narrate about how to send/receive files via SHAREit, they’ve been mentioned below.

SHAREit: How will you transfer (send and receive) files via the SHAREit app

File sharing option is pretty easy when we talk about SHAREit, as it offers a user-friendly interface. Moreover, if accidentally your files or images get deleted, then you’d have an option to restore them as via SHAREit you get to be offered with the backup file as well. Pretty much like the Xender sharing app, SHAREit has all the capabilities of beating Xender, and you’d end up switching over to SHAREit due to its beneficial features. But before proceeding further, one important thing is still left to be revealed. SHAREit needs to be installed in every device that would move further with the file transferring process. Also note, SHAREit offers to share for up to five devices at a time. So folks, are you ready to proceed with the steps? Alright then, read below to know more about transferring files via SHAREit app.

  • 1st– Users, you need to install the SHAREit app on your device.
  • 2nd– Open the SHAREit app and choose the files (photos, videos, movies, and more) you want to share with other devices that have SHAREit installed in them, and then drag the files on the send button that’d be visible on your device’s screen.
  • 3rd– In order to send the files, you need to click on the ‘Send’ button.
  • 4th– As per the receiving device, it’d be needed to choose the ‘receive’ option for them for enabling to receive files from the sender.
  • 5th– The sender device needs to wait for the receiver’s avatar to pop into the device.
  • 6th– For the sending device, immediately select the receiver’s avatar after the avatar gets popped in, in order to proceed further with the transferring of files. Last, the receiver needs to select the ‘accept’ button to complete the transferring process.

Wrap Up…

Now that you have provided with the steps to transfer files via SHAREit enjoy the services of the app. In conclusion, SHAREit also has some alternatives, which are Xender, AirDrop, Zapya and more. If by any chance SHAREit doesn’t work fine, you can go for these apps as mentioned above. But remember, it’s only SHAREit which serves the most excellent sharing services, and hence it’s touted to be the third most useful app in India.