If you want WordPress to do everything you desire, then you should opt for plugins. These are nothing but add-ons that actually makes it easier to perform tasks from the admin panel. So, here’s a list 10 must-have free plugins that serve different purposes. All of them are reliable and capable of taking the site to the next level.

Antispam Bee

Anitspam Bee is a plugin that blocks spam comments on the WordPress blog site. Through validations of IP addresses, it filters out visitors from certain countries. It also notifies admins about the incoming spam and offers a snapshot of spam statistics and detection rate. Not just that, it also matches comments with an existing public anti-spam database.

Yoast SEO

If you can’t invest money and wish to gain control on search engine optimization, then opt for Yoast SEO. Such a kind of plugin helps you improve content readability. It helps you to choose the right keywords while you’re writing blogs. The Page Analysis functionality facilitates you to write subheadings, meta titles and meta descriptions for different category archives.


With the help of Jetpack, you can boost engagement, increase web traffic and secure the WordPress blog site. Informative posts can easily be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit and Tumblr. Apart from downtime monitoring, the two-way authentication aids for securing logins. The add-on offers sidebar widgets like calendar and blog stats in addition to author widgets.

WP Optimize

Essentially, WP Optimize enables you to associate keywords with certain blog posts. Whenever a keyword is introduced, a relevant link is built. This helps in enhancing internal navigation and aids browsers to move around the site.

Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar makes it easier to schedule posts or blogs across a time span. The ‘drag and drop’ method helps you to manage the entire blog site. Moreover, you can quickly edit titles, content and publish them in your style. Even when posts are written by multiple authors, management is always a breeze.

Broken Link Checker

This plugin checks for broken links in your blogroll, and posts. It actually saves the effort checking every link manually when development is in progress. Not only does it notify you through the dashboard but also prevents search engines to follow such links.

Easy Updates Manager

With different settings, the Easy Updates Manager lets you switch off WordPress Core Updates, or disable updates that would improve the theme. The plugin enables you to delete WordPress browser nag if you are navigating the site on an old web browser.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights helps you analyze site’s performance through the Dashboard right from the WordPress admin panel. The real time stats aid to get the most from your website. With universal tracking and reports, you can easily comprehend the audience. Activities could also be changed through page level analytics.


PopWid helps you view posts which have the highest number of comments and views. It offers you to filter posts by category, data range or author. You can also change the display through options like thumbnails, counts or excerpts.

W3 Total Cache

This add-on helps you improve user experience by enhancing website speed. It reduces loading time and increases engagement time. Once installed, you can observe an improvement in the search engine result page rankings.

Hope the post has helped you decide the best and suitable plugins. Jetpack could be an easy to use option while Yoast SEO can help you boost online presence.