You may have read several articles that promises great traffic to your blog with the help of Social media. By social media they generally refer to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what they don’t tell you is, without proper engagements or a large fan following (which is not easy to get), your blog link clicks is going to be in single digits, if not 0.  So what are you supposed to do exactly that actually boosts blog traffic and conversions?

In order to understand what actually makes people click your blog link, I attempted several strategies in due process. This was based on time of posting, type of article being posted, which geography, the article caters to and who are the key target audience.

For example let’s say you write an Niche article for United States and post it during their late hours in different FB groups. For starters this can get submerged with several other articles between that time and next day morning in US.

Below Table shows almost insignificant traffic from Facebook pages to the blog

Drive Blog Traffic with Social Media (3)

Again if you write an article on a niche subject like marketing lifestyle, but post it in generic FB groups with a widespread audience, it really doesn’t keep the momentum going. People might scan your headline and just scroll further. Your post link may not even get 2 seconds of browsing time.

So what are some smart strategies that actually bring traffic? Here’s the list you need to know


FB can be a critical tool in making your social media strategy work.  Here are some ways by which you can positively bring in traffic

  • Join related groups with respect to your niche. If it’s a travel group, there are hundreds of travel bloggers group who promote their posts. Join groups that have more than 5K+ members and keep sharing your posts regularly in the group. You’ll definitely get traffic.
  • Identify groups where post a lot of questions regarding your niche. Taking the same travel blog as example, search for FB travel forums where people are looking for information on travel plans. Post related links in those comments and request them to share the same. They’ll definitely do it to acknowledge your help. 

  • Hashtags :Keep searching for related hash tags in FB and reply with your most popular blog post link. This could definitely generate a lot of traffic.Eg. If you have written a post on Google Pixel, search for forums that discuss high end phones, Google developer communities and post a genuine response to questions and also mention “I have written more about the phone in my blog : xyz. Com”…
  • Top Blogger Lists by Genre:  There are lot of companies and forums that publishes a list of top bloggers by topic. Top Tech Bloggers, Top Travel Bloggers, Top Fashion Bloggers. Write to these admins of the forums, pitch your blog and see if they can get to feature you. Once this done,  your blog visibility automatically improves when they publish results all across social media.
  • Engagement of your FB Page: Keep your FB page active so that it drives engagement and more likes. Even when you don’t have a post to share, keep posting trivia, contests or even some interesting info as infographic/images. When you have a post to share


The second in my list would be LinkedIn. If you are a successful professional but still struggling in the blogging world, LinkedIn could give you the boost you were looking for.  With very few authors writing good posts in LinkedIn, all people see there is job status updates. So when you post a post with excellent content and of course mention your blog link in the top, this will generate excellent traffic.  Note: The post should be relevant and not a sponsored post or a spammy content, which can hurt your credibility in a professional forum

Additionally adding your website link in your profile , definitely helps. Who knows, a recruiter might stumble on your blog, get impressed and even offer you a job


This is one of the few social media sites, that have a lot of potential, but most people tend to ignore it. All you have to do is take a beautiful pic from your blog post (Preferable if you had taken this yourself), create a board for related topic and link the picture to your blog post link.

Eg. I had written a post on Paris travel itinerary after my recent visit. This is what I did:

I created a Board called Vacations, uploaded a picture of Paris (It’s called a Pin in Pinterest), linked it to my blog link. Even when people re-pinned it to their boards, the link also got shared to a wider audience than original. This is a great method to boost traffic, if you can utilize it correctly. Of course write a nice detailed description of the post.


The above post generated quite a significant traffic as a lot of people followed through the image to get the information.