Social media can help a lot when it comes to gathering more people to your blogging network. And if you’re talking about promoting your blog through social media. then you definitely have to mention Twitter. Many bloggers are already promoting their blogs intensively on Twitter. and receiving a jaw-dropping response.
So, do you also want to promote your blog on Twitter?.  the fact is that you don’t know how to do it. Do not need to worry guys. I’m going to teach you all that how you can drive traffic to your blog.  by promoting it through and on Twitter. Let’s get started.

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Ways To Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

1. Tease your followers

You have to always careful that while tweeting links. never reveal more than enough about your content or else the revelation will not attract readers. Because they already know much about your content. than why would they prefer the hassle to clicking on links and getting into any other pages?
Your tweet should reveal less and generate more curiosity about the content. and other very effective way is to ask them a question in the tweet and give them a prominent answer to that in your content.

2. Short and compelling tweets

Many people criticize Twitter of having the 140 character limit but believe me that can be beneficial for you as a blogger. Your tweet should be short and engaging. Long tweets even within the 140 character limits are boring. Try to keep your tweet within 100 words. The tweets with less than 100 words have 21% more interaction rate as compared to normal tweet.
Your tweets should be related to the content and easy to read and understand. so more and more people would be able to relate to it.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are very popular these days. and any trend today can’t be imagined without a hashtag attached to it. Make sure you always attached one or two hashtags with your tweets to make it a trend. That can help to improve the interaction rate by a significant margin.
But, it shouldn’t be more than two because according to study tweets more than two hashtags has 17% less interaction rate and at the same time tweets with one or two hashtags have 21% surge in interaction rate. So be careful with that.
There are three tools which can help you to find the most trending hashtags at the time. Here are they.
4. Include statistics and facts –
Including interesting statistics and facts in your tweets can improve your interaction and engagement rate by a super margin. It feels great when any fact or statistic is shared as a tweet, and It should be related to your original content. That will make your tweet stand out from the bunch of tweets done on the same topic.

5. Sharing images with tweets

Try to share appropriate images with the tweet. The human brain is 65000% more engaged and interested in the content when it is shared by from of an image. Tweets with images attached get 150% more retweets. Your interaction rate can have a blast once you start sharing pictures with your tweets.
Keep one thing in mind that doesn’t mean that you add an image with each and every tweet, but even if you try to add images in 50% of tweets that can have a great impact on your followers.

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6. Promoted Tweets

Promoting your tweets by paying a reasonable amount of money can help you share your content with a large number of people which is almost impossible to engage by the traditional method. Promoted tweets will not show you tweets to your followers, but to others too. While doing so, you can choose and target particular interests, geography, Keywords, and device used.
Putting a link of your content with your tweets will also increase your Twitter followers and hits to your blog.
Hence, were the top 6 ways to use Twitter to drive traffic to your blog.

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In the end, I have to say that you have to be patient to notice the result of all those methods, they will surely work and improve your blog’s traffic, but as you already know nothing happens overnight. So, kindly be patient