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The internet is an essential thing of today’s life, we found many things while using internet but have you ever wondered the internet you use is not the 100% of it. Internet is divided into 3 parts, Surface web, Deep web, and Dark Web.

What are these 3 parts are really of? Which type of internet are you using? Keep reading this article till end because half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance 😛

In this article, I am going to explain all things about the three parts of the internet. Being a tech enthusiastic I always have hunger of knowing more about tech, before few days I came to know about Dark web and I was really impressed with the technology of Dark Web and then I tried to know more about this, after spending hours of time in Google I really found many thing these three parts of internet. As a blogger, I always share my knowledge with my visitors, and this was the motto behind this article.

So without wasting more time, let’s start with Surface Web.

What is Surface, Deep, and Dark Web Internet?

  1. Surface Web –

The surface web or the internet which you are using. Everyone can access Surface web. It is the web which we explore everyday. You are visiting my blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc on the Surface web.

The things you get on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc) is known as the Surface web. Everything which is indexed or you can say which are available on search engines is surface web.

Surface web is 4% of the internet. Have you ever thought you are just using 4% of the internet.

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  1. Deep Web –

The second part of the internet, the web which is not indexed or available on the searches engines. You can’t get these things from any search engines because these are blocked by the search engines but you can access them by directly entering the URL of the site without any risk or VPN.

For example – Anything you store on the cloud storage is known as Deep web. You may have used the Google Drive, anything you upload on the Google drive is accessible from search engines. Because these can be your private information and no one wants to share these with the world. That’s why Deep web is important as surface web.

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95% of the internet is based on Deep web, mostly because of it. Deep web is used by Government, Hackers, FBI, Criminal etc. It is said that Deep web is consists of 7.9 Zettabytes it means 7.9 trillion Gigabyte of data, isn’t that amazing!

  1. Dark Web –

The last but not the least, the Dark web or you can say the criminal web. All the illegal stuffs like trading of Ammo, Drugs, Porn etc is going on Dark web. You can never visit Dark web because its too dangerous and it’s illegal too. So you should not surf that.

If you are visiting Dark web from normal browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser then you will end up landing in jail.

I can’t tell you the tricks to surf Dark web because it’s illegal but I can tell you that you can use Tor Browser ( the Onion router) to access dark web. I again telling you never visit Dark web. Even though there are different levels of dark web. So, just think how risky the dark web is.

Final Thoughts –

At the end of the article, I must tell you that you can go through all the details provided related Surface web, deep web and dark web, once you do that you will get a clear picture of all those topic and you will understand that what Internet is about. I have used very simple terms to mention my thoughts about the different web so, it will be very helpful for you.

Thus, was the article about different webs on Internet. Your questions and all the suggestions are welcomed in the comment section.