The main reason why many blogs fail is because bloggers choose the wrong topic to blog about.

Selection of a topic can be one of the hardest thing to do for any successful blog. How do you avoid choosing the wrong topic? Well, that’s what am going to discuss.

For some time now people have been asking me on which topic they should blog about, an honest answer is I can’t select a topic for you. The entire decision is yours. Does that mean am useless? No, I can offer you guidance so that you make the right decision based on your strength.

It may take months before you realize that you took a wrong path, you can always go back but why waste all that time when you can get it right the first time.

Common Mistakes You likely to make

  • Write on a topic just because other people are making money on the same topic.
  • Settle on a topic that only you have passion for it, consider other people who will be visiting you blog.
  • Blogging on a topic that you have no knowledge or experience.

I have had a chance to meet some people who want to be bloggers but they have no idea on what they want to blog about. How do you choose the topic if you fall under this category of people? I always advice them to write down the hobbies, interest or even education and skills. If you integrate all of this together you will come up with a concrete topic for your blog.

Interest! Settle for something you have interest and passion for, this way you will be able to develop traffic for your blog because you comfortable on what you writing. Traffic is all that matters for bloggers.

What do I do if I have two or three topics that I can’t choose on which one to settle on? This is another question that I have been asked more often. It’s good to be diverse and have different topics that you feel comfortable in writing. Consider this scenario and you will get a clear picture on how to go about this.

Let’s take for example (Remember this is a hypothetical), Ana the owner of this blog was tone apart on two ideas namely; fashion and WordPress Tutorials.  She end up creating two blogs because believes she can write for both topics with much ease. Down the road she realize that she only write one post a week for fashion blog and one post daily for WordPress blog.  You don’t need me to tell you which blog will be a success among the two. I agree there are some things that can’t be determined unless checked out to confirm which one you really have passion for.

I recommend that you choose one topic among those that you think you can do well, simply because you will be able to give it 100% concentration and you can rest assured it will succeed instead of having two or three average blogs that you can’t see their rewards. Do better.

I have outlined a few topics that will give you a perception of what to write when you settle on a certain field.

  1. Hobbies – This is one of the easy topic you can write about, it is based on what you love and what you write is entirely up to you.
  2. Health – This field is diverse and you might want to concentrate on the area that you feel you strong and comfortable.
  3. Sports – Fun, do you love sports? Able to write about sport events and give your honest opinion? Then you might want to consider taking this route.
  4. Beauty – Another wide topic that have a lot of information that you can share. For instance, if you are a specialist in hair dressing then you can write on different ways of dressing hair and even make videos. This applies the same to other beauty enhancements.
  5. Creativity – Sometime we are compelled to write about the creativity around us. You can write about your own creativity or that of other people.

It is not just about writing posts but also making them “hot” and enticing for your readers to enjoy reading them.

Final words, it is not up-t me or anyone else to decide for you the topics to blog about but rather you. Make an informed decision today.

Feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

Happy blogging success.