Content creation is not enough for you to get noticed out there. Many people are also writing and observing all the content creation techniques and maybe writing at higher frequency than you.

Honestly, I don’t think I stand out in the crowd with my content creation but I like to think that am quick and intelligent writer. Perhaps we all need these strategies to stand out.

To give you a clear picture of what I mean by standing out, am going to give you a scenario that generally describe what we talking about.

Take for example there is a singing competition in your area but not all people are allowed to auditions because of the large number. A few of you will be picked randomly from the crowd to perform. How do you ensure you among the selected few? Well, you have to go closer to the person selecting the performers. This is not enough because there are still many of you in-front. Shout, remove your top and wave it just to catch his/her attention.

Extreme measures are in order to get the attention. The same applies to content creation and that is why I have dedicated this article to provide you with few strategies that will make you stand out.

Understand and know your thing

This part is entirely up to you to figure out because you know your strengths. My work here is just to give pointers on how to identify your thing.

Be creative and create content on what you have passion for because at the end of the day creating enticing and interactive content is the key. If you settle on a topic that you don’t have interest in, be sure the content you create might be boring to your readers because you don’t know what they want. It can also be boring to you.

How do you find your thing?

  • Find a niche that you comfortable writing about.
  • Write about the current and relevant events on your niche.
  • Try to use images and videos to create a visual picture of what your content is about.
  • Create a persona that your readers can relate to.

Write Differently

Are you just any other writer? Coz if you are, you need to step up and write more efficiently and boldly.  Many are capable of writing but just a few can write differently. Creating content that is memorable to your readers requires hard work and focus.

What do you need to do?

  • Go controversial: When someone writes something on your niche that you don’t agree on, write about it airing you view on the matter.
  • Stay updated: Always update your readers if some development has been made. For instance in my WP field, I have written about plugins and themes which are consistently updated, I have to go back and inform my readers on the changes that have been made.
  • Be Honest: Write about your struggle and efforts to get where you are. It helps and brings you closer to your readers because they can relate with you.
  • New and flavor: write about new ideas, analogies or even theories. All these create a new angle of controversy that allows engagement with your readers. Try as much as possible to add flavor on your content with writing skills. Like I have done in this article.

Create Differently

Consistent content creation is another area that make you stand out. Depending on the method you use to get yourself out there, be it by videos, eBooks, and presentations and so on.

For instant, how do you stand out in video creation?

  • Create a video on a topic that has not been covered much by those on your niche.
  • Take time scripting what you will speak on the video. And try to speak a bit slower than usual.
  • Avoid as much as possible umming and ahhing during the video recording.

Attitude Approach

Have the right attitude when you creating content for your blog.

That being said, I am done for the day. Guys lets try to practice these few strategies and see if we really can stand out from the crowd.

Do you have any suggestions? Well, why don’t you leave them in the comment box below?

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