Recently one of our Users asks the question How to Add Adsense ads inside the every Post Content in WordPress blog. Guys, inserting AdSense ads between the post is a more important aspect of blogging. Its increase Cost per Click (CPC) value of AdSense. Adding ads the first paragraph of your content is a good method of earning. Content ads get the best click through rate. If you want to increase your CTR you need to adding ads within your post.
So today we are going to show you How to Add Ads inside the Post of the blog.

Display Adsense ads first paragraph of WordPress Post


This is the pretty simple method. There are numbers of plugins helps to add ads on the post.
First, just log in your WordPress blog. Next, go to plugin aria then click on add new plugin. Just search insert post ads. Next turned activate it. Then go to post adverts setting turn on display ads location.

Next, go to your AdSense account create a New unit. Choose ad style what you want. Then grab the code. Next, come with your blog account. Click on post adverts and select add new. then past the code in the locator. Next, select the after paragraph option. That’s it.

Hope this post helps you to learn How to Add Adsense ads inside the Post Content in WordPress blog and how to increase the Adsense revenue. If missed any steps please Wright down on comment box its helps for beginners. If you have a suggestion please feel free give me feedback. Then if like the post please share it. Follow us on twitter and Facebook and quora.

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