The success in blogging always depends upon how good learner you are. You can never claim that you know everything and there is nothing more for you to learn.

There is lot more that a blogger can learn from established bloggers. Today I am going to introduce you with a well established blogger and founder of eAskme, Gaurav Kumar. Gaurav is a professional blogger, motivational speaker and blogging mentor. He is well known for his work in blogging, affiliate marketing etc. He has been featured in many magazines and blogs.

I hope you will enjoy his interview and learn from his experience. I would like to thank Gaurav Kumar for giving his precious time to answer questions of this interview.

Hi Gaurav, Please tell my readers about you and your sites.

I am Gaurav Kumar, internet entrepreneur since 2014. I am a full time blogger since 2013 and later I started multiple blogs including eAskme. I am most popularly known as Founder of eAskme.

My Blogs include:






How you became a blogger and Internet Marketer?

It was not planned. I was just looking for something which can help me get rid from the MNC job and one day I met a boy at game parlour. We were talking about work and he told me that there is something called blogging where people write and make money with Google Adsense.

After that I research for long time and started my very first blog on news. Within a month I got Adsense approval and in the span of 3 months I was able to reach $500+/monthly.

I have also joined various forums and blogs to learn new things in blogging and money making. When I learned a lot about SEO and blogging than started eAskme in 2014.

How you got the idea to start

My first blog was a new blog, but at that time I was not aware about many things such as SEO, marketing etc. I spend months learning about these things on various blogs and later started in 2014. eAskme is the place which help to learn blogging, SEO and money making.

What are the best monetization methods for your blogs?

There is no doubt that Adsense is the love of blogger`s life, but I found affiliate marketing, Direct ads, sponsored posts and my own services as the best ways to make money blogging.

Affiliate marketing is the most effective way which helps me to make good money. I like this way as in this we work just once and get paid again and again.

What are your favourite blogs?

Search Engine Journal


How you manage so many blogs?

I have been asked many times the same question. It`s easy as I like to write and learn. I keep track of blog post ideas and work on keywords accordingly. To search keywords I use, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush and long tail pro.

I write every day, these days I focus to write on long articles which provide all information related to the topic at same point.

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Can a blogger start a blog with $100 only?

Yes. It is easy to start a blog with just $100. You can start a self hosted WordPress blog with a custom domain name and professional blog theme.

What are the best ways of link building?

Quality content is always the best way to attract lots of quality links. You can also use guest blogging and blog commenting effectively to gain more link backs to your blogs. Always focus on the quality when it comes to build links for your blog.

What are the most common blogging mistakes?

There are mistakes which every newbie blogger makes such as not buying domain, not choosing a good theme, choosing wrong niche, avoiding promotions and just flooding the site with inappropriate content.

It is always good that a blogger should learn from the mistakes of other bloggers and focus on quality blogging.

What is the best way to gain quality traffic?

The best way to gain continuous traffic is to connect with more and more people such as increasing number of email subscribers, increasing social media followers etc. It is always recommended that every blogger should have email marketing service and social sharing widgets on his blog from day one.

Ranking high in search engine is also a good source of traffic even for the oldest posts of your blogs.

Share the message for my readers:

If you want to be a blogger and internet marketer, It is the best time to start with. Don`t think too much, just develop the habit of learning and writing. Remember the more you learn the more you improve and the more you improve the more you earn in blogging.

It is so nice to have Gaurav here for this interview session. I hope you have also learned something from his interview. You can also connect with him on Facebook, twitter or his blogs.

-Interview By Kristen Lean