It’s true that having a prodigious online presence can boost your sales. According to Ian Schafer (Founder/ CEO of Deep Focus), “Business culture has to be integrated with strategies for innovation. Consumers preferences are changing at a faster rate, If we don’t catch up with evolving trends then you will be in trouble”.

Online Marketing Strategy has to be customer-centric, Entities should give importance in defining a holistic approach to identifying and understanding the pain points of customers and what they value. Based on a study conducted by, 46% of brands don’t have an online marketing strategy in place and 16% have a strategy but failed to integrate it with their marketing activity. The biggest challenge rises when a question of what works and what won’t arise. They will remain flummoxed.

Below are some effective and proven digital marketing strategies, which helps in luring a chunk of traffic to your website.

Before we enter into the details of online marketing strategies, I want you to understand few basic but essential points

  1. Define your end objective or Goal

  2. Create a marketing funnel

  3. Develop a call-to-action

  4. Integrate a Lead management software

  5. Driving Traffic

Content Marketing Strategy – Only Genuine and high-quality content works.

Having a content marketing strategy in place helps to get more relevant and organic traffic to your website. For the success of your content strategy, it is important to create high quality article that tends to add value among audience. Is your content full of outdated and trivial information, then you should revamp your content creation strategy. If you need to give your audience a better experience then it is necessary to do a content audit and inventory.

Content Inventory – It helps to see your content ecosystem across all platforms and decide what needs to be updated. So that your customers will get the latest information.

Content Audit – The main purpose of a content audit is to help understand what works and what has to be deleted. Identifying what works helps in creating more opportunities, where the content you create will be shared and preferred by the audience.

This example by contentmarketinginstitute shows the importance of content audit and inventory, Gerry McGovern who worked with Columbia College in Chicago reduced their website pages from 36000 to 944 with a single view of organizing the content with current and relevant information. The result was astounding the student inquiries shoot from 477 per month to 855.

SEO Strategies – Shift from Boolean to Semantic

Keep in mind that the era of boolean search is gradually shifting or is almost over. Google has strenuously tweaked their search algorithm in a way to offer better user experience. Semantic search, a phrase most people are not familiar with, is google’s new algorithm focused only on optimizing search engine for high-quality content. If your strategy is around SEO, then definitely you should start optimizing your blog with actionable items that will semantically map user intent and context at which a user enters the query.

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Knowledge graph plays an important role in semantic search, wondering what knowledge graph is? Let me explain it with an example. We all know that google is analyzing and learning every data it goes through and creates data points which can be mapped easily when required. Consider a query like, Who is the father of 747 Boeing airplane. Then google will show you, Joe Sutter. How do you think google got this information, nowhere in the query the keyword Joe Sutter was mentioned. This clearly shows that semantic search is improving at a rapid pace and google is giving importance to it.


Creating high value unique content plays a profound influence on semantic search. Localizing content for the target demography helps to boost social shares and customer engagement. Social media plays an important role in semantic search, So identifying your target audience and placing the right content in front of them is crucial.

Use Social Media for Effectively Marketing your Online Strategies

Social media have become a huge marketplace and is only growing bigger. Be where people come together and engage. Positioning your product/ services in front of this audience will only help to augment your sales.

Statistics published by Link Human says that out of 3 billion people who have access to the internet, 2.1 billion are active in social media. Another stats published by Statistica clearly shows that by 2018 the no:of social media users will rise from 2.1 billion to 2.5 billion.This stats clearly shows the importance of social media and why you should continuously engage in different social platforms.

If you leverage the full potential of social, It will also be beneficial from a semantic search point of view. Before you kick start doing paid ads on social platforms make sure that your social accounts send a clear image of what your company is about and what community you are targeting. Optimize your social channels with catchy images, interesting and relevant videos that stimulate curiosity among the audience, Quirky titles with rockstar content to capture leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Ipsos, a market research firm found that 20% of facebook users have bought some service/ products after seeing an ad on facebook. Social medias are turning into a repository of video content. And most people are more inclined in sharing videos across multiple platforms. If used wisely social media can be used to find influencers. Influencer marketing is another trend which will be having a lot of significance in the coming days. Finding the right influencer with lots of followers (who falls in your target audience) and getting your service/ product endorsed by him will definitely increase sales.

Lead Management and Lead nurturing Strategies

You have the best online marketing strategy in place and it’s driving a chunk of traffic to your website. What next? It is inevitable to integrate a lead management and lead nurturing tool on your website. One such tool is Lucep, a sales acceleration tool which helps in channelizing website leads to the sales team within a short span of 60 sec. Salesforce, Act-On, Marketo etc are other lead management software.

A potential lead who first lands on your page may be a bit skeptical of directly converting into a customer. That’s where the importance of lead management kicks in. Lead management tools help in creating a long term relation with the prospect and helps in pushing him down the funnel from awareness stage (top of the funnel) to decision stage (bottom of the funnel) where the prospect becomes a loyal client.


Every organization should decide which online marketing strategy will best suit for their business. Rather than focusing on single marketing strategy, a holistic approach has to be deployed, where all the strategies are focused on attaining a single objective. For eg: If your main strategy is around content, Then it is also good to do some content syndication with Taboola and OutBrain (where you can do ppc at a lower rate).