This is The Second post I have writing on my blog. My previews post what I wrote about ‘creating a professional blog with easy steps’ is getting good response. Some of my friends advise me about some tips. So I keeping mind all those things for the next step.

Here I Point out To 10 Blogging Tips and tricks 2017 for beginners to successful blogging.

Before that, I Give some hints about blogging how bigger platform in this tech Era. 56 million posts are published every month in WordPress only. As 2011 study, 27 million pieces of content shared every day. 2015 Blogging have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. Every day numbers of beginners enter the dynamic world. blogging is becoming money making industry.

First, If you want successful blogger then simply follow main three key Factors.

  • Give useful content for target people (because it’s the king)
  • Gain your visitor trust
  • Keep consistency (Update your frequently)

To 10 Blogging Tips and tricks 2017

1. Find right Domain

This is the more important aspect in ‘SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING’. Finalize your subject then find out. Like food, insurance, health or news. Choose a name easy to remember.

2. Find your Host and Platform

Hundreds of companies give hosting space for rent. Choose right one. Some companies collect hidden charges from clients. so care about that. has my suggestion GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator etc best for all kind bloggers (means pro and beginners). For newbie’s Blogspot and WordPress are the best platforms.

3. Use Clean and Simple theme

When some started a blog he or she only thinks about design. Don’t use dark theme or temples. It should be clean and responsive.

4. Use own Images and graphics

When you publish post use your own images or graphics. There are numbers of sites for free images. But make your own graphics its build identity. Making images for blog it’s easy. There are stunning software like Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator Etc. you can make beautiful images from Microsoft Excel also. When make your graphics must use watermark copy write with your blog name.

5. Don’t Leave Empty:

This is more important trick for beginners. When we publish new post fill up all places. Don’t Leave Empty in image attribute. If you using Yoast, SEO plug-ins, then fill all columns in right way.

6. Write original Content

Write original Content around 300 to 800 words. The Google loves your content. Use keywords in your title and head tags. This will help you get good rankings in Search.

7. Must Use 3 plugins:

In my opinion every WordPress bloggers should use three plugins. 1. W3 Total Cache, 2. Yoast SEO and 3.Email Subscribers & Newsletters.  These are helps to your traffic, speed and update. But don’t use too many plugins. if using to many your blog goes slow down. Blog loading time is main factor for traffic. Test your blog speed free with google speed finder and fix the errors.

8. Build Email list and keep in touch:

If you build good numbers of mail list, then definitely will get half of traffic from this. When someone signup your newsletter. then keep touch with new posts. Don’t ignore that.

9. Promote your content with new platforms:

We know facebook, twitter and google plus are big part of every blogger to engage with visitors. and also use new platform. Its helps for to reach right people. StumbleUpon, Flipboard, WhatsApp, Delicious, Digg, Reddit and Others.

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                      build professional looking free blog

10. keep in touch with co-bloggers:

This the best part for beginners. Keep touching with other bloggers helps for all matters. Some of advice you and someone encourage you. By commenting others blogs touch with them. Find friends on quora and others Q&A sites. Its helps to build back links also.

Finally, Thank for staying with my blog and reading this post. if any suggestion, question or feedback please leave comments. for more updates follow on twitter and quora, like Facebook page.