Developing WordPress theme Without dummy content is very difficult task. In order to test your WordPress theme, you need to import unit test data to your site. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to import dummy content to WordPress website to test the theme in local environment.

What is Theme Unit Test Data?

Theme unit test data is an XML file, which contains the dummy data to develop and test the WordPress theme.

To develop a WordPress theme, you need to consider styling, markup and formatting of different elements like headings, images, lists, tables, widgets, post formats, comments and navigation etc. The theme unit test data helps you to test your theme elements by means of dummy data.

Note: This tutorial is for the guys who want to test their WordPress theme. And I don’t recommend this if u have existing content in your WordPress installation.

Importing Dummy Content to WordPress

Step – 1: download the WordPress unit test data XML file from this link:

Step – 2: Login into your local WordPress test environment as administrator.

Step – 3: navigate to Import menu under the Tools menu in your local WordPress admin dashboard.

Step – 4: install the WordPress importer by clicking install Now button.

Step – 5: after installing the WordPress importer, the button text changes from Install Now to Run Importer. Now click on Run Importer button. now it will ask you to upload the XML file from your computer.

Step – 6: select the XML file which you have downloaded earlier and hit upload file and import button.

Developing and Testing WordPress theme

Step – 7: check the Download and import file attachments box and click submit. wait few moments, dummy content will be uploaded on your site.

Step – 8: now start unit testing and enjoy. 😛

That’s all guys. now your site is ready for testing.

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